Society of František Tröster

Society of František Tröster was founded on November 19th 2003.

The Society is primarily engaged in the personality of František Tröster (1904 - 1968) and his life-long work as the National artist, world-famous stage designer and pedagogue. The Society was founded on occasion of one hundred anniversary of his birth on December 20th 2004. It would like to stimulate an interest of vocational public, combined with a need to integrate the artist's creation heritage. Members of Society are primarily connected with issues of stage design, but at the same time, membership is open to all with interest in personality and creation of the artist.

The main task of the Society is to present the cultural heritage of František Tröster, to care for it and to hand over this heritage to future generations. Also important is the integration of the whole F. Tröster´s art creation - so far, only his theatre art was processed. His architectural creations, exhibition works, paintings, his graphic and illustration works were not processed yet. Although F. Tröster was the founder of a Stage design department at DAMU in 1946 and worked there for the rest of his life until 1968, his pedagogical activities were not processed yet.

One of the aims of Society is organising different activities connected with issues of stage design, for example: organising exhibitions of stage design or promotion of stage design as a specialization.


Principal aims of the Society are:

  • Presenting the personality of František Tröster, his work and its heritage to the public.
  • Organising discussion meetings, conferences and symposiums aimed at narrowed public and stage professionals on national and international level.
  • Organising creation exhibitions of František Tröster.
  • An effort to publish overall monography dedicated to personality of professor František Tröster and his work.
  • Informing public about the personality and life of František Tröster in mass media (press, radio, TV, Internet...).
  • Work on overall integration of works of František Tröster and its alignment together with digital documentation. (publishing on CD)


Contact address:

Společnost Františka Tröstera
Jasná II č. 4
Praha 4
147 00

Tel.: + 420 244 464 964
+ 420 244 466 366